Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Orlando: Part 1

Almost two weeks ago the four of us packed up and flew to Orlando for a few days. Tom had a conference there, AJ (Aunt Jenna) lives and goes to school there, and in a crazy twist of fate, BOTH of Tom’s parents had conferences there the same weekend; it only made sense that Will, Hallie, and I make the trip as well.

Our travels were a bit chaotic (an hours-long delay on the way there and a near-miss on the way home), but the trip itself was a great one. Our hotel, which was where Tom and Grandma Susie’s conferences were being held, was beautiful and extravagant (there was a TELEVISION IN THE MIRROR IN THE BATHROOM), but to the point that I actually felt uncomfortable being there with the kids. They like to run and jump and sing and dance, no matter where they are, and without regard to the fanciness of their surroundings.

The television in the bathroom mirror, and our hotel, The Peabody.

On our first day the kids and I (everyone else was working or at school) played in the hotel pools, walked to McDonald’s for lunch, and took long naps in our hotel room. That evening, AJ kindly babysat the kids and Tom and I went on a date to the House of Blues at Downtown Disney. We listened to fabulous blues music, toasted with amazing hurricanes and margaritas, dined on delicious specialty burgers, and capped off the night at a true-to-style Disney dance party (Tom, me, and approximately 400 of our closest friends, primarily those ages 12 and under and their parents) on the Downtown Disney waterfront. Our first date in months was a spectacular one.

Exploring on our walk to McDonald's.

On our second day, AJ, Grandpa Mike, and I (Tom and Grandma Susie were still conferencing) took the kids to Downtown Disney for lunch at their Dinosaur-themed restaurant. The inside resembled a Rain Forest Café, but instead of rain forest animals the joint was full of life-size, noise-making, moving dinosaurs. There were frequent thunderstorms and meteor showers, which kept both kids thoroughly entertained throughout our meal.

Getting ready to hunt the huge T-Rex.

Inside the restaurant and enjoying our dining companions.

Stopping to visit with a strange bronzed man (Hallie didn't like him very much) and enjoying a walk down Downtown Disney's Main Street with Grandpa.

Stay tuned for "Orlando: Part 2 (The Magic Kingdom!)" tomorrow!

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