Friday, September 5, 2008

bath pictures: 23 months

Well, Willie is almost "doo" years old. And he's my little buddy. I've been quite busy and so the blog posts have been limited, but we've had some very good times together over the last month - highlighted by a fun trip to Madison to visit Grandma and Grandpa and play with his new friend, Connor. He is becoming a big boy now, with a developing sense of humor, an increasing vocabulary, and a strong sense of order that he probably got from his mom. For example, he will often rearrange his toys or stuffed animals to be just so, and gets frustrated if we mess with them after he's set them up according to an arrangement only he understands. Many times when he's playing with something, he'll insist that Erin or I sit in some particular location and watch him. If we get up or change seats, he will angrily insist we return to the location where he placed us in the first place. This makes for a fun game - I'll get up and move somewhere else when he's not looking, and then watch his reaction when he realizes I moved.

Another indication that Will is growing up: we are starting potty training, and we have thus far had two successful pee-pees. It has been very exciting to cheer along with Will for these successes.

What's hot right now: baseball, hotdogs, kitties, music, tickling, kitties, and choo-choos.

Will is also getting the hang of brushing his teeth, so we're letting him do more of it by himself. He still needs a little help (which he's pretty reluctant to accept), but he's getting better. We're trying to teach him to spit (see the picture below-left), and he knows to rinse his mouth when he's done (with bathwater).

Erin and I have decided he's finally too big for the blue bathtub, so this will be the last set of bath pictures with it. Tonight he took a bath like a big boy (in the regular bathtub), but I had to take a bath with him to show him it was fun and not scary. We played with his bath choo-choos.

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