Wednesday, April 4, 2007

bath pictures: 6 months

Look at his hair! It curls around his ears and looks great when you mess it up a bit. Since the 5-month mark, Will is talking and laughing more, even talks himself to sleep a lot of nights. He's also rolling over more, kicking a lot, and just in general moving around more. He can ALMOST sit up by himself, but eventually he'll go for his toes, which means doing a face-plant from which he can't yet recover by himself. He insists on standing more often, at least he complains more when you try to make him sit down, and he really likes if you help him dance while he's standing. As far as his diet, he's now up to 6 types of solid (mush) foods and is a very good eater for his daddy, but doesn't eat very well when other people try to feed him. He has started eating prunes, which has made him a much happier baby than the few weeks before then (and makes for some impressive diaper changings). We really couldn't be happier with our little boy.

5 months
4 months
3 months
2 months
1 month
first bath

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