Thursday, August 9, 2007

bath pictures: 10 months

This bath picture entry is about a half week late - sorry, you ravenous Will fans - because the poor guy has been pretty sick for the last half week. He was pretty much constantly miserable - feverish and slobbery and snotty, not eating, and not really wanting to do much other than cry on our shoulders. But yesterday he woke up without a fever and got better and better throughout the day, and I'd say this morning he's close to his wiggly old self again.

Over the last month, we've had plenty of interesting experiences. I reported on our long vacation in Wisconsin, where Will developed a number of new 'firsts'. The biggest change is he is very mobile now. Last month I reported how he could scoot himself - backwards only - but now he can full-on army crawl pretty much wherever he wants to go. Don't worry, we spent much of last week babyproofing the house. He's getting faster, too - uses his little legs to push off, I call it the froggy-crawl. Cats beware - he's getting fast enough to give Duke and Clementine a good chase!
With this new mobility, Will is constantly discovering more interesting things around the house to get into. For example, we had several near misses of Will almost getting to the catfood bowls in the kitchen before he finally got his hand in there and ate some Science Diet. Also, since mastering the ability to open and shut cabinet doors he has been getting into as many cabinets as possible, and pulling everything out. Then he cries when there's nothing left in the cabinet to grab!
Will has been eating a lot more solid foods. We give him at least one solid for every meal, and I think he could eat 100 Cheerios if we let him. He has demonstrated that he understands the concept of sharing, by throwing his food on the floor -for the cats, I assume. I have another video we took of him sharing Cheerios which will be posted soon...
Will's waving is more reliable, and he actually shakes his arm up and down now, so it's a little closer to a grown-up wave. He also can give a good 'five.
He still talks a lot, and he's tried out almost every syllable there is. Except 'mama'. So Erin is referred to as 'bwa bwa' (although she's not too happy with me when I refer to her that way).
As Will's motor skills develop, he's getting better and better at fighting Erin and I. So he's pretty good at struggling against being diapered or dressed, having his nose wiped, being put in his highchair, getting that last bite of food in his mouth, and having his face washed (this is the best move - he grabs your hands and holds them tight to the sides of his head so you can't touch his face).
We've had a lot of fun playing in water the last month, whether it's naked swimming at the Lodge or in Lake Mendota, in the local pool or in his sled pool, or playing in the sprinkler or the rain with mom and dad, Will has really seemed to enjoy it. However, when you dump water over his head in the bathtub, he still gets mad about it, as you can see below.

But you can still cheer him up by making a few goofy faces.

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