Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hallie's bath pictures: 14 months

This is a special humid summer edition of Hallie's bath pictures. It turns out Hallie got a little bit of Will's curly hair, and it is humidity-enhanced just like her mama's. Because taking it out would mean a crazy-looking frizzy hair-nest, we left her pretty hair bow in for these shots.

It has been especially fun to have Hallie at this age, probably more fun than ever before. She plays games and laughs about them, talks and sings a lot, hugs, and lets you know when she's displeased with you. Reading is a new thing for her, every night she happily gets a bedtime story, and she'll grab a book and climb up in your lap lots of times during the day. Here she's enjoying Rainbow Fish in the tub (seconds later, she also tastes the book).

She took her first steps over a month ago, but has been very stubborn about walking until the last few weeks - now she's standing and walking everywhere. We can't get her to sit down - not even in the bath. Erin and I have agreed that the bath safety seat is on its last days, it doesn't do anything except get in the way anymore.

I have some great videos coming soon: walking, head shaking, playing a "blow in your face" game, and waving and saying "bye bye".
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