Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In case you ever find yourself interacting with a two-year-old, let me arm you ahead of time with the knowledge that all two-year-olds must do absolutely everything ALL. BY. THEMSELVES. It’s the law. And Hallie is one law-abiding almost-two-year-old. Oh, except when something’s too hard, and then she must immediately have “HELP! HELP NOW! HELP HALLIE NOW!”.

I knew this day would come, and was prepared for it, except when it has to do with clothes. Even when Will was two, I could convince him to wear what I wanted him to wear, therefore his clothes usually matched and he was dressed appropriately for the weather. I fear, however, that getting dressed is about to become a battle ground between Hallie and me. I’m willing to give a little, but at some point lines have to be drawn – we’re not going to wear a swimsuit to Target, winter boots when it’s 80 degrees outside, or flip flops in the snow.

Here’s the first photo installment of what I call “I DO IT MYSELF meets Erin Gives a Little”.

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Grandma Brenda said...

What? No barrettes to match every single color she has on?