Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hallie's bath pictures: 11 months

Sorry this post is a few days overdue - we have been recovering from a couple days of the flu at our house :(. Doing much better now, no need to cry!

Actually Hallie is so sad because we were messing with her - brushing her hair for her photo op. She's getting better with it, but she does not like getting her hair done. She sure looks cute with a little ponytail though...

Here's what's new with Hallie: she has TEETH! You can see them in the crying picture above. Two on the bottom, and about 3 or 4 coming through on the top. Unfortunately, this means she's occasionally uncomfortable, and often in the middle of the night. So we've had a lot of mid-night visits to console her recently. She's also eating more, and using those chompers. If she could get away with it, I think she'd eat only rice puffs and cheerios for every meal. In fact, while she'll eat other baby food, more and more she quickly tires of baby mush and communicates to us that it's time for puffs.

I call this the "Jordan tongue", and it's been Hallie's M.O. recently. You'll note her sportin' the Jordan in many recent pictures and videos. Like MJ, the tongue comes out when she's focusing really hard on something and/or enjoying herself. Most often, you'll see this when she's standing and/or pushing things (she's so close to walking), or when she's on a mission to eat the catfood. And yes, she is still continually trying to eat the catfood, sometimes succeeding...

Here are some really great smiles. She's been smiling like the one on the left a lot more often, I think it's her "camera smile". She gives that smile to Will a lot too, especially when they're eating together. Instead of focusing on his food, Will tends to spend most of mealtimes trying to make Hallie laugh, which is very sweet (despite the fact that we constantly have to remind him where his focus needs to be). Those two have a lot of fun together.

Hallie will definitely be walking before the next bath pictures post. She's very close, could do it any day now. She can get virtually anywhere she wants with her crawling now, and she's climbing up on things, pushing things, and dancing. Just today for the first time, she crawled all the way up one of our half-flights of stairs (I was sort of watching her, but was surprised when we discovered she was suddenly sitting at the top of the stairs... watch closer daddy).

Since we have teeth now, we have to brush them!

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Will's Grandma Brenda said...

Funny, the toothbrush looks so big!