Monday, April 7, 2008

bath pictures: 18 months

Will is one-and-a-half! And he is a ton of fun. Everything we do with him has an element of a game to it now. You can see this at bath time - for Easter he got these pills which grow into little foam dinosaurs in warm water, which he absolutely loves to play with in the bath. And put in his mouth. Between playing with the dinosaurs, reading books, and splashing, it's hard to get Will to agree to get out of the bath anymore - only the prospect of eating a bunch of cookies has him considering getting out willingly. Most nights go about like the video below.

As the video shows, Will really uses the word "no" a lot now. He can get on a roll - you can keep asking him questions and he will answer "NO" more and more emphatically, it's very funny. He's also using more signs (his newest ones being "please" and "thank you", what good manners), and makes more connections with them. For example, he uses the "done" sign reliably to let us know he's done eating and wants to get down, but he also uses "done" whenever he wants to be done doing whatever we're doing. So when Erin takes him shopping and he wants to leave, he starts signing "done" frantically, even as he starts to cry. He also signs "more" (as in, "I want more food") when he wants us to repeat things, like songs we'll sing to him, or games we'll play. In the picture below, he's signing "more" so Erin would keep playing peekaboo with him, which she was doing to try to get him to smile for the bath pictures.

This past month Will had fun with Grandma Brenda and some things she brought for Will. The new red chair has been especially fun for Will to have. It was good that Grandma visited so Will could work on his kissing (he's also practicing with mom and dad and other things) because we're going to visit his girlfriend Cate in a couple weeks. We're going to Chicago for a "welcome back" party for our friends Jon and Briana, who are back in the midwest after a couple years in boring California, and we'll be staying with Carrie, Jason, and Cate. Cate should be really impressed - Will's much older than the last time we visited, and cooler. He also knows how to be silly and make a girl laugh. But the real kicker, Will is working on a special dance move that he's going to perform for her, and one which Jon will especially like. PS - It's much more advanced than these and these and these moves.

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Kristin said...

don't forget us! we'll be there too!! =)

Carrie said...

Oh so funny....I can't wait to see Will in action. Cate's pretty excited to have a friend this weekend! We've missed you guys a ton so I'm beyond excited!!