Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hallie's bath pictures: 8 months

Hi Hallie! Here's my sweet baby girl. She's 8 months now, which was about the beginning of my favorite age for Will, so I expect the next few months to be very fun.

Well, what's new with Hallie. Maybe not so new: she's still a big flirt, especially with her dad and Grandpas. She also is still tasting virtually everything she can get her hands on, and is eating more and more types of baby food (even attempting to feed herself). She is an excellent sitter now, so she can basically entertain herself for long periods of time sitting and grabbing things that are within reach and then tasting them.

She is very close to being able to crawl - can roll back and forth with ease, and in the past week has started propping up on her hands and knees and attempting to crawl on things. When she flails around a bit from this position, she can actually scoot backwards some. This makes sleeping in her crib quite interesting - she does the sleep scooting which commonly results in her cramped in the corner of the crib and shouting for someone to attend to her at 5 in the morning.

For a very fortunate few (Erin and I, sometimes a grandparent), Hallie has started giving hugs! This usually happens when she is being held by one of the aforementioned people, and sees something that makes her excited. The resultant flail/leg kick/body throw is kind of like a lunging hug. But then she'll hold on for a minute, it's very sweet. We'll have to catch a video of this.

She has started "talking" a little bit more. She still has the grunt conversations, but now uses some meaningful syllables. For example, she and Will say "bah" back and forth a lot - Will says this over and over in a really high-pitched tone when he's trying to cheer her up. To my delight, she has also started saying "dah!", and I have been encouraging more of that.

She's a very pretty little girl, and Erin and the girls in our family are having more and more fun dressing her like one. I don't really get it though - there are regular occurrences where for whatever reason Erin did not set out the outfit Hallie's supposed to wear and I attempt to dress or accessorize her and fail hilariously (is this an ok outfit to wear to daycare?). Usually I don't find out until the end of the day how well I've coordinated her - somehow the women at daycare keep a straight face when I drop her off, but then when Erin picks the kids up everyone has a good laugh at my expense. Anyway, some of the cutest additions are bows and barrettes she can wear in her hair, since she's not a bald baby anymore.

Having hair is really fun!

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Erin said...

We're laughing with you, sweetie. And for the record, here's a fashion faux pas example: brown and peach flowers paired with black, pink, and green polka dots. It did not look good.

Will's Grandma Brenda said...

It's nice she's so confident that she's comfortable in whatever she's wearing :)