Wednesday, February 7, 2007

bath pictures: 4 months

Here's my buddy - these were taken a few days ago (now we're caught up, next bath pictures post will be next month). He loves bath time now, and starts fussing about 15 minutes before his bath until we start getting him ready, then he's happy. He's taller(?) now, you can tell he's not so chubby anyway. The only way to prevent pictures like the one on the left is to actually hold his hands!


Will's Grandma Susan said...

Hi Will!

I think it is just great that you can hold your hands together so well. Tell you mom and dad that you are just getting ready to play the piano. Be a good boy and sleep all night tonight.

Much love, Grandma Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Will -- I printed out some of your saucy photos and put them above my crib! I'm starting an "I love Will" fan club!

Give me a call when you start crawling!!


Cate Nadziejko