Wednesday, December 5, 2007

bath pictures: 14 months

It is getting harder and harder to get a nice picture of Will in the bathtub because he has apparently inherited his mom's problem with keeping her eyes open when a camera flashes. Literally I think I took about 30 pictures to get about 3 in which his eyes were open (and he was smiling). But I think this one is pretty good.

Well I've been pretty busy over the last month so I tried to post a high quality, rather than high quantity of Will events. The biggest news, of course, is that Will finally took his first steps. Looking back at previous bath pictures posts, I think I've been reporting he's been this close to walking for about 3 months (see the bath pictures index on the left side of the page), so it's good he finally did it.

As the seasons change we have different things to play with outside. Earlier in the month Will had a good time playing in the leaves in our backyard, and riding his tractor. In Michigan the Fall season doesn't last too long apparently so we're already in a cold winter wonderland. Fortunately Will has some warm hats and mittens, and ones which match his coat. Fortunately there's plenty to do inside too, like hang out with dad, play peekaboo, play music with Grandpa Mike and Grandpa Paul, or call his grandmas.

With the Christmas season coming we've been getting in the spirit. Mom has been teaching Will a lot of Christmas carols. Along with the songs Will plays on his Thomas book, he has a few other books that play carols, and sometimes he plays them all at once (sensory overload, as Uncle Jeff put it). When we were in Madison for Thanksgiving we got Will's picture with Santa (but he didn't smile). Also we set up our Christmas tree (and Will helped - look for an upcoming post on this).

Baths are getting more fun now that we have all these sweet toys. Here Will is playing with his ducky that Aunt Jenna got him for his birthday.

Also we brush his five teeth in the bathtub now.

These teeth.

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