Sunday, October 5, 2008

bath pictures: 2 years

Will is "doo" (two)!
After last month's bath pictures, we have retired the blue bathtub, so now Will takes big boy baths. At first he was a bit apprehensive but with all the choo-choos and duckies and books, bathtime is fun again. We've been really encouraging Will to be the big boy, and he's been responding - for one, he insists on eating like a big boy. He also has been helping me out with jobs around (and outside) the house, and has been doing some big boy activities like starting swim lessons (saturday mornings with mom - just started yesterday), and playing baseball with dad. His language has exploded, he can string several words together in "sentences" and says at least one new word reliably each day. I'm pretty sure we easily made the 100-words-at-two-years goal. With all this new talking, we can have debates, and animal noise games.

He started at a new daycare a few weeks ago, at a church we've been going to called Vineyard and he has done very well meeting and playing with a new group of friends. It was very sad to leave Jenny's daycare, and we're sure to visit her once in awhile, but this place allows him to be in a "class" with several other children his age and there are more fun structured learning activities like music and art. He already has fit in with this new group and has been comforting some other new children who get sad by giving them hugs. Being a very nice friend and a big boy.

All this becoming a big boy is important... especially because of the latest big news.

What's hot right now:
"Ball" has been a major interest lately, in several senses of the word. Now that the Tigers' season is over, we've been watching a lot of football together, and Will watching with me is probably the only reason I can be a reasonably pleasant person while suffering through the last few heartbreaking Hawkeye losses. I've also been playing city-league softball (with our friend Neal), and finally had a game that was early enough in the evening that Will could come to watch - yelling "Nee", "dad", "ball" "bat" throughout. He has become enamored with a video baseball game I have, Mario Baseball, so he's always talking about playing "Marrna Ball". I mean always. I have a good trick in that game where I give him a controller that's not plugged in and tell him to press the button to throw the ball, etc, then I control the game with a different controller. It works pretty well. I also have Mariokart (gokart racing game) - "Marrna dhar" [car] - which he also likes to play, but I can't fool him as easily on that one so he gets a real working controller. Fortunately, he's happy driving the car straight into the wall, then whining until I help him get it back in line on the road.

What's not hot:
The potty. We had a good thing going a month ago, but he has not returned to it. We've been getting a lot of books about using the potty from the library, and he likes them, but still has no interest in sitting on it anymore, even with the bribe of gummy fruit snacks for successful use.

Anyway, we are just wrapping up a great birthday weekend for Will. Two grandpas came to visit (and two grandmas), and we played all kinds of games, got new toys, and had choo-choo cake. Look for an upcoming blog post on this. Anyway, since Grandpa Paul was here he helped encourage Will's smiles for these bath pics, and the pictures below were Will's mimicking responses to some faces Grandma Brenda was making at him, good stuff.

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