Friday, March 4, 2011

Conversations with my Rugrats

Background: Tom’s dad, Michael Ferris (Grandpa Mike), is a doctor. A year or so ago, when Grandpa Mike was visiting, he donated a few items from his real doctor bag to Will and Hallie’s toy doctor kit. One of these items was a name tag that reads “Dr. M. Ferris”.

Will: Mama, did you see my nametag?
Erin: I did.
Will: It was meant for me.
Erin: What do you mean?
Will: Dr. M. Ferris is me. (whispering) Because my name is really Mario.

Will: Mama, which of these two strings is longer?
Erin: I’m not sure – it’s hard to tell because they’re close in length and the same color.
Will: It’s the one on the left. Don’t worry that you couldn’t tell – it’s tough to differentiate between the two strings.

Television Announcer: Do you owe thousands of dollars in back taxes?
Hallie: (to the man on the screen) YES!
Television Announcer: Would you like help consolidating your debts?
Hallie: (to the man on the screen) YES!


Farm-Raised said...

Hilarious! All three of these made me laugh!! You have remarkably witty children!
xoxo Leslie

Sara said...

love! Will sounds like he is ready for second grade :)