Monday, June 4, 2007

bath pictures: 8 months

Today Will is 8 months old, as time flies by. These are some of my favorite pictures yet, what a cute guy. I would guess that from this point on, Will stories will come much more frequently because he is this close to being able to crawl, and basically he can wiggle around enough that we can't really leave him on his own for too long before he gets his hands on something he shouldn't. He's appreciating his toys more, and has figured out how some of them work, like his little piano. So we can sit him on the floor of the living room and surround him with toys he can entertain himself for awhile. But his favorite toy is probably Duke the cat, who is just curious/friendly enough to approach Will and nuzzle him, but enough of a jerk that we have to watch them so Duke doesn't bite Will (or vice versa?).
I already reported and caught
videographic evidence of Will saying 'dada' all the time. The baby chatter is a lot of fun, and he's now discovered that making as LOUD a noise as possible is even better. A new game which we have been playing is we have grunt conversations. Will gives a satisfied grunt, and if you repeat it, he will give another one, and this can go on for a long time, with each grunt getting a big smile out of him. We did this several times yesterday when we were walking at the mall, loudly amongst the groups of people, much to mom's embarrassment.
One other thing, Will definitely likes us. When either of us is gone for the day and he spends all day with the other, when we come home he is SO excited, flailing and laughing each time he sees us. It is the sweetest thing.

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