Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hallie's bath pictures: 12 months

Here's 1-year old Hallie. These pictures were actually taken last weekend when she was 1 year and 1 day, sorry for the delay in posting. They were taken Sunday night because we actually took so many pictures on her birthday (Saturday) that our camera ran out of batteries!

The 4 Ferrises are actually at our buddy Neal's apartment right now, its kind of like a sitcom. Neal's out of town this weekend so volunteered his place as a napping pad since our house is for sale and there is an open house there today. It is sad that we have to sell our house, but necessary - the first major step toward the next phase of our lives.

Anyway since he lives by himself, Neal has a one-bedroom apartment. I think this may be the first time we have ever tried to get both kids to nap in the same room, and it is not going well. The kids' separate issues with going to bed/staying in bed have been documented, and it turns out that when you put them together in the same room, they combine their anti-nap powers to reach a state of complete naplessness. Hallie keeps standing up in the pack-and-play and throwing her sucker out of the crib and then yelling until one of us returns it to her. Will keeps getting out of bed to go potty and/or try to get Hallie to lay down or return her sucker. Through all this there's pretty much a constant stream of laughter between the two of them.

Ok we're trying something else now. Will is in the living area with us, I built him a "napping fort" so it's dark, but he is too interested in the fact that he's in the same room as Neal's video games and guitars to sleep. Despite no longer having someone to talk to/throw suckers at, Hallie is talking to herself pretty much nonstop, right now trying out all different volumes and inflections for baby jibberish from Neal's bedroom. I just heard a very enthusiastic DADA!, how nice.

I think Naptime at Neal's can serve as a metaphor for much our lives these days - Erin and I are working very hard to keep the kids happy and healthy, but it is not easy and takes some creativity sometimes. As we deal with the stress of moving on top of our normal demands from work, it's very nice to have the support that we do from our friends and family.

So we're working hard but still have found time to have some fun. Last month we took a trip to visit friends. A week ago we celebrated Hallie's birthday when both sets of grandparents were in town, and she got to be held by grandmas all weekend. She also got a new hat and some other nice presents. We also had Hallie dedicated/baptized last Sunday (here are some pics), which was very nice. Spring has arrived so we're getting to play outside more and more, and Hallie loves crawling in the grass and eating clods of dirt and small sticks. She still won't walk though, at least not without some help.

P.S., it's also this guy's half-birthday, so here's a bonus bath picture of how he usually looks these days

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