Friday, March 18, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

We’re starting to think about potty training Hallie (Really? I have to potty train a second child? Sheesh.), but only to the point where we encourage her to sit on the potty before bath time. On this particular night she was willing to give it a try, but only after I offered her a gummy bear.
Erin: Can you let your pee come out? Let your pee come out, Hallie.
Hallie: (directed toward where pee comes out) COME OUT AND PAY (play) PEE PEE!

There seems to be some confusion about what her pee will be doing once it exits her body.

Will: Mama, I know it’s not your birthday today, but I have a present for you anyway.
Erin: Really? What is it?
Will: It’s a sticker with a number four on it. Because I’m four.
Erin: That’s very nice of you, Will. Thank you.
Will: Whew. Now I don’t have to get you anything for your birthday.

Hallie and I were singing along to “Happy Hand” (“I Want to Hold Your Hand”, the Glee version), when all of a sudden she pointed to me and yelled “YOU! NO SINGING!”. She continued singing the rest of the song as a solo. No one appreciates my mediocre musical talent around here.

A commercial for Neutrogena’s new Anti-Wrinkle Cream popped up on the television.
Will: Mom! You gotta get that!
Erin: Why?
Will: It’ll make all your wrinkles go away!
Erin: (near tears) Do you think I have a lot of wrinkles?
Will: I don’t know – what are wrinkles?

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