Wednesday, August 6, 2008

bath pictures: 22 months

Hello everyone. Reporting in from Madison, where we're visiting Rah-rah and Grandma. We had a good month - Will got to go to his first baseball game, and we went on some fun trips to Anne & Sean's wedding and to the Lodge, where he did a lot of relaxing, fishing, and swimming in the lake (still at least one more post coming from that trip).

Will is quite the animated little guy now - he is quite wiggly (living up to his nickname), but affectionate - he gives us lots of hugs and kisses. He likes to clap and dance and sing and whine and just generally be silly. He has his favorite TV shows which we watch every morning together which help him with a few moves, like the one below (blastoff).

He's very interested in baseball, busses, and choo-choos. Our friends Mike and Kristin got Will these three bath-toy trains the last time we got together at Cate's house. He wasn't too into them at the time, but now they are one of his favorite toys. They're each named, also - I won't spoil the upcoming blog post too much, but one of the trains is named "dada".

Another thing we do a lot lately is TICKLE. Sometimes I'll give him a good tummy-tickling session to the point where he is laughing so hard he can hardly breathe, but he will continually sign "more" until I am worn out from tickling. He also will sneak up and tickle me a lot.

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