Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Will's bath pictures: 33 months

The last three months have been quite eventful. Not sure if you can tell from Will's last bath pics 3 months ago, but he looks much older and wiser since the birth of his baby sister Hallie. He is a very sweet big brother to her, and most of the time he's a sweet boy to his mom and dad. But he has been tearing through a streak of naughty of late. On one hand, he is sometimes a frustration to discipline (even this morning he spent a while in time out, which had to start over several times because he got up and ran off cackling in his "naughty laugh"). But on the other hand, I'm somewhat proud that he at least has a sense of humor, in that he likes to tease mom and dad (as long as the teasing is benign).

He is especially fun lately because he appreciates silliness, which plays well to my parenting style. We sing and play a lot of silly songs together, and he is starting to bring up ongoing jokes quite a bit for laughs. For example, we were watching Spongebob the other day for an episode in which Spongebob rips his pants, it's a good one. The joke for the last few days has been "I guess I ripped my pants!" hahaha.

He does really like to sing songs - Aunt Sara has taught him a few that he sings frequently, also he likes songs about dinosaurs and animals. Actually he really likes dinosaurs and animals in general. We've had a couple recent trips to zoos, and he has learned about a lot of animals in school - see he is making the sign for "turtle" below (which he learned on "turtle day" at school).

The other current interests in his life are big vehicles (like firetrucks) and swords. Mario Race is still huge (he has gotten quite good at it in fact, he beat Grandpa Paul in one race when we were visiting last month), but he frequently loses Mario Race privileges due to naughtiness. Also, since baseball season is in full swing, that's also a big part thing for him. We watch the Tigers many nights together, and he has gotten better and better at throwing and catching a baseball. He can also hit a ball with a bat - we got him a new toddler-size bat at the big garage sale last month, he loves it. He also likes to hit baseballs with swords, the best of both worlds.

Potty training is making progress, hopefully by the 36-month bath post we will have a big boy who doesn't poop in his pants (or the floor).

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