Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hallie's bath pictures: 5 months

Well, these are the sweetest smiles yet. Hallie's ahead of the curve with her smiling I think, at least compared to her brother, who at this point in his life had only just begun smiling regularly. She is also very chatty and slobbery. She's kind of a flirt - I'm convinced she uses her smiles and chats to get kisses. Slobbery kisses.

Here she's giving her model look/pose. She doesn't realize that the hand-on-the-chest look has been done.

Since last month, she has grown into the 'stein, took a couple trips to see grandmas & grandpas, aunts & uncles (including one on an airplane), learned to appreciate music, and hung out a lot with her big brother. Speaking of whom, Will stopped by to make a cameo in Hallie's bath picture below.

And here it is - the sweetest picture of smiling Hallie to date:

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Carrie said...

Oh!! I need to meet this sweet baby soon....but beware...I might gobble her up!! SO SWEET!!!!!!!