Wednesday, June 4, 2008

bath pictures: 20 months

Hey everyone. Seems like I say this every month, but Will is more fun than ever now. The best thing is that he has something that I can recognize as a developing sense of humor, one which is not too far from my own. Unfortunately, he also thinks it's very funny to directly disobey mom and dad, running off when he's not supposed to, or otherwise arguing with us.

He's very interested in dinosaurs (in addition to his dinosaur toys and shirts, we visited the U of Michigan Natural History museum last weekend, he loved it), big vehicles (firetrucks, construction equipment, buses), and all kinds of animals. We took our first trip to the local petting zoo a little while ago, a good time for all of us. He is becoming more and more dextrous with his hands - he can feed himself very well (although it is not unusual for him to have food all over himself and in his hair after a meal), and can do things pretty well with socks or gloves over his hands. He also looks very cool when he shoves his hands in his pockets. Now, what he shoves his feet in... that's another issue.

The other big thing with Will lately are sports. Every time we can, we watch the Tigers play and Will is becoming quite the enthusiastic fan (even though Detroit has been largely stinking it up lately). He really likes playing soccer, and a couple days ago he played catch with a baseball with my friend Neal and I for almost an hour. Another thing we do a lot now is to look at my Sports Illustrated magazines (which I keep in basket next to the toilet, where else?) and find all the balls. You can see Will's doing that below (we usually don't do this in the bath, but needed the photo-op).

You may remember that Will doesn't necessarily want to get out of the bath when he's all clean - he likes to stay in and play for awhile. So we have adopted a new "three minutes" policy. When we're done washing him, we ask if he's ready to get out - without exception, he quickly answers "no!". So we tell him "ok, you have three minutes," and show him three fingers. We do the same when he has two and one minutes left, and then we take him out in spite of his protesting. The fun thing is that when we show him "three...", "two...", and "one...", he likes to hold up his fingers as well. Except he can't really count higher than one yet. So he can hold up the single finger for "one" - see the pictures below - but when we're on two or three, he just holds up his whole hand with all the fingers extended.

On the right, you can see he's doing a trick - showing us that there's one minute left... under the piggies!

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