Monday, November 5, 2007

bath pictures: 13 months

For those of you who were afraid we would stop posting bath pictures when Will turned a year old, do not be: they will continue, at least until Will is old enough to bathe himself. If I still have to wash his piggies, I feel he's probably still young enough to post pictures of him in the bath on the internet.

Most of the interesting things in Will's life for the past month have revolved around his birthday and playing with birthday presents. He (and Erin and I) of course really appreciate all the presents, but he has some clear favorites: the Thomas book - for which I have already had to replace the batteries due to high usage, the zoo fun land, and the many sets of matching hats and mittens that Grandma Susan made for him (I joke - there are only two sets and they go with different outfits - look for an upcoming post on those).

Because Will has two solid teeth now, he eats almost anything that doesn't pose an allergy risk, as long as we break it into small pieces or at least supervise. So he now gets a lot of leftovers which he can grab to feed himself and to rub in his hair, such as spaghetti. I'm not sure if we made a mistake or not but we introduced him to Erin's banana and pumpkin breads, and now if he knows there's a chance at getting some of that as part of a meal, he won't eat anything else. Seriously he's eaten more of each of those breads than Erin and I combined over the last month. He also really likes bananas and asks for them all the time (I think Will knows these as 'nanas' but it could just be the latest utterance he's trying out). Some mornings he eats almost a whole banana. Most other types of food get slapped goalie-style (if you're trying to spoon feed him) or thrown on the floor.

This is our first disciplinary challenge as parents - scolding him when he throws his food on the floor. He has to know what he's doing is wrong, but he just does not get it when you sternly tell him "No!" after he throws a bean or pear slice on the floor. yet, anyway. Maybe he just doesn't take me seriously when I try to yell at him - just looks at me like "what are you going to do about it dad?". It's pretty funny sometimes, and hard not to laugh - sometimes he thinks he's fooling me. For example he'll watch me out of the corner of his eye when I'm doing the dishes or something as he eats. Slowly, in a way I'm sure he thinks is discreet, he'll quietly extend his little arm and drop a piece of food on the ground. Then after I scold him and bend over to pick it up, he'll drop another piece while I'm bent over.

Other notable events during this past month: of course, his first haircut (sorry Uncle Adam). I really am glad Grandma cut it, I think it looks great now and I think he's cuter than ever. Also, Will's first Halloween since he was aware of himself. At some point in the last month, Will learned to give hugs and he gives them all the time now. Also, several variations of peekaboo are very popular right now - more details on this fun in a later post. Given the rapid progress in Will's mobility, I thought he would be walking by now for sure, but not quite. It has to come soon though, he's pretty close. He can stand on his own and keep his balance for a few moments, and he likes when you hold his hands and walk him around like this. In the meantime, his crawling is very fast - he can basically go 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. This past month he had a great time in the game of "I'm going to get you!" - being chased around the living room by Erin, Grandma and Grandpa, and I.

Will is quite the little reader. He can entertain himself for a long time with a shelf of books. Erin took him to Barnes & Noble the other day and surrounded him with children's books and it was like Christmas morning for him. He reads any time he gets the chance, even in the bath. In the pictures below, you can see him deeply engrossed in Ted Gets Wet, one of his (and my) favorites.

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