Monday, May 5, 2008

bath pictures: 19 months

Wow, this is the 20th installment of Will's bath pictures (since I include his first bath). The past month has been the best for Erin and I because the weather has been nice enough to play outside with Will and he LOVES playing outside. We have spent much of the last two weekends working on our yard and landscaping, so while we work Will gets to help by pushing the wheelbarrow, running around chasing the cats, kicking his soccer ball and riding his tractor. Last week we found him a used play-structure thing that has a slide on it, it's been a big hit (look for a blog post on this soon).

We've been going on a lot of walks and have even played a few rounds of disc golf. Also we make lots of trips to the park, where we swing and go down big slides. Bike rides are in now, too - sometimes we go on bike rides that end up at a park for a quick slide-break. A couple weeks ago Will and I went on a bikeride park-crawl when mom had to work late - we hit all the slides at 4 parks in one trip. When we're riding together, Will likes big bumps for some reason, probably because he can yell "buhp buhp!" after we go over them. He definitely likes bike riding much more than he did last year. He at least likes his bike helmet more, wears it around the house even - also, like the Tigers caps, he prefers to wear my giant helmet.

Will has been playing very well with his friends lately. He got to hang out with his buddy Gabe a few times, and has gotten lots of time to play with our next-door neighbors Hannah and Ambrose when we were working outside. And of course, Will got to visit his best girl, Cate. When he decides he just wants to hang out with mom and dad, we do a lot of singing and dancing, and we talk about animals and the noises they make. Will is also getting very good at identifying things - buses, trucks, trees, doggies and kitties, balloons, and many different kinds of balls (he can sort of reliably distinguish basketball, baseball, tennis ball, soccer ball).

He is becoming something of a disobedient little monkey, which is funny but we have to try to stay serious about it. He has a very predictable tendency to tell us "no!" to basically anything we ask him to do. Here's a good way to sum up his general attitude about obeying his parents: we'll be walking somewhere like a store or something, he'll start to wander away. Then we ask him to stop, or come back, and he immediately starts squealing and cackling hysterically while he runs away. So we have to keep a good grip on him in most places.

As you'll see in the next blog post, this running-away-squealing behavior is something we deal with nightly when we get ready for his bath. He also really fights us when we try to brush his teeth now (he used to love brushing!).

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