Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Season

It’s birthday season here in College Station – Will attended two birthday parties last week, and has already been invited to birthday parties at the end of April and beginning of May. And that’s not counting the Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party he and I are planning for Hallie in April.

The first party, for a little girl in Will’s preschool class, was held at a local gym where the kids exhausted themselves on the gymnastics equipment and in a gigantic bouncy obstacle course. Will LOVED the obstacle course, and I’ll be honest, it looked so fun that I kind of hoped he’d get stuck inside so I’d have to go in after him. No such luck.

The second party, for a little boy also in Will’s preschool class, was held at Chuckie Cheese. Will and I had a blast playing games (except Skee Ball, because I’m awesome at Skee Ball and I refuse to “let him win” when we play against each other), but I think the highlight of the party for Will was when the birthday boy’s mom bought him his first ever cotton candy (since he couldn’t eat the birthday cake).

Will’s been planning his 5th birthday party since the day after he turned 4, and all these parties are giving him some pretty elaborate ideas!

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