Friday, November 19, 2010

Hallie's bath pictures: 19 months

Hello from our "victory tour" - visiting friends and family in our last few weeks before moving to Texas. We're in Madison right now visiting Grandpa Paul and Grandma Brenda. Erin and I spent this past week in College Station meeting with our realtor (we are in the final stages of securing a nice rental property), exploring and absorbing a bit more of the local culture. The kids got to spend a whole week with their grandparents, and they had FUN. Next week we're in Lincoln visiting Grandpa Mike and Grandma Susie, looking forward to that as well.

Here's my piddy girl. We took these pictures last week right after we arrived in Madison, but didn't get around to this post until now with all of our travels. These and the bath pictures for the next few months will be from all different bathtubs as we're travelling for a few more weeks, then moving the 2nd weekend in December. Hallie is looking a bit different as she grows (very slowly), but she's as cute as ever. Here's this month's new "twist": we can twist her hair up in the back, it's very cute.

Hallie talks a lot these days - way more than Will did at her age. She is literally learning how to say several new words every day. Her favorite topic of conversation is no longer shoes. However, it's not far off: she's really into boots ("BOOPS!") now. She has these pink boops and similar ones in several different colors, and wears them well now that it's cold out. Erin always makes sure that whatever she's wearing on her feet matches her outfit. However it is fairly common to find Hallie has taken off her original matching shoes and socks, left them individually in random places around the house, and put on her beloved boops, on the wrong feet.

Hallie takes more and more after her brother. She adores him, and he her. There's the normal amount of sibling bickering, but in all they play very well together. Each morning and after naps where we get her up, she is just as interested in where Weeya is as she is where mama and dada are. She's even taking on some of Will's mannerisms. Above, she's showing some smiles that are borderline goofy, just like Will likes to sport.

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