Sunday, July 6, 2008

bath pictures: 21 months

Hey everyone - hope you are having/had a nice 4th of July weekend. Will was sick on Friday so we postponed the bath pictures a night. Yesterday he was all better though and we had a great day, so he was very cheerful when we took pictures last night.

So Will's 21 now (ha...ha). The summer has treated Will and mom and dad well - there's been lots of excitement for us lately. And there will be much more - in a few weeks we're going to see a bunch of family - Erin's parents, Sara & Jeff and friends at Anne & Sean's wedding, then it's to the Lodge for a week where Will gets to play with my side of the family and be reunited with his shark tent.

The past month we had a great weekend trip to Lincoln for a couple reasons: 1) Uncle Grant was having a guitar recital, and 2) Grandma really really needed a visit from Will. Even though it was a short trip we were really happy with it. Will wiggled and pooped his way through his first airplane trip without incident otherwise, gave out hugs and kisses and played very well with everybody. In addition to the shark tent, he got a new toy which he plays with a lot. And he got to drive a bus!

In keeping with the 4th-of-July theme, Will is becoming an all-American boy. We've been enjoying the summer to the fullest: swimming, racing, playing disc golf, singing and dancing a lot. Also bike rides have been a pretty fun activity lately - we've gone at least once a week. When we're bike riding, Will has two jobs: 1) to help us find any buses or big trucks by pointing and yelling, and 2) to say "bump bump" ("buhp BUHP!") when he and I go over a bump, in order to warn mama. He's pretty good at these jobs and they keep him awake when we're on our way home and it's close to nap time.

But if there was one thing Will's really excited about lately, it's baseball. Since hockey and basketball seasons are over and football is still a couple months away, baseball is on TV all the time and there are lots of baseballs to find in my Sports Illustrated's. We watch the Tigers games together whenever we can, and Will loves to sing "Take me out to the ballgame" - which they always play when the Tigers are on TV or the radio. It's really cute - when he sings along he just sings "ball" over and over. But he does the fist pump for "root, root root for the Tigers" and holds up fingers to count "one...two...three strikes you're out".

Here's some big news: we're taking Will to his first baseball game this Wednesday!

To add to this fun, last weekend he and I were screwing around at Target while mom was shopping and we found and bought him a little teeball glove and a baseball. Since then he hardly puts them down. I got my glove out so we could play "catch", and he's sort of getting it, but the glove is still too big for him to put his hand in it correctly so it's mostly just fun to hold the ball and glove and yell about them. "WOW! a baah[ball]!" Call Will and he'll tell you all about his ball.

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