Tuesday, May 8, 2007

bath pictures: 7 months

Well, we're back from a long and very fun weekend in Iowa City. Because we were out of town and away from Will's bathtub, these pictures are a few days late, but he doesn't look much different than he did 4 days ago.
As far as bathtime goes, Will's a little less afraid of the water than he has been, probably because we try to make it more fun. He has some bath toys, and we encourage him to splash around. Also, as some of you saw last weekend, he has a good time swimming in pools. He even went underwater a few times without getting upset.
Despite being a little overwhelmed by all the people around for much of last weekend, Will has been doing pretty well socially. Erin and he go to several different events during the week (today they're going to Jungle Java to meet some friends and other babies). He's also been going to daycare for a little over a month and the little girls who are there just love him. Still, whenever someone he doesn't know very well holds him he tends to get a little upset, so don't take it personally if that's happened to you!
We feed Will baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner now, and probably within a month he'll be completely weaned from nursing. During these meals, it's a constant game to devise new ways to get the food into his mouth. He usually keeps his mouth shut tight, so we try to make him smile or laugh, then slip the spoon in. He's started recognizing this so sometimes you can see him fighting to keep from smiling even though he is enjoying the goofy mom/dad show. It's really cute and funny when he does this.
He's starting to make noises a lot more: the "dadadadadada" I figure refers to me. Mostly he talks when he's by himself, or can't see anyone else, but clams up when he sees someone, which makes it difficult for me to capture on video.
Toys are becoming more interesting, mostly as new objects to suck on. He gets mad when you take away things that he has decided are rightfully his, like the TV remote or mom's necklace. He has become attached to his lion and hugs it when he goes to bed, which is sweet.

Pictures from our trip to Iowa City, and Will's baptism, coming soon...

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