Monday, March 28, 2011

Allergy Update #2

Good news… We have officially removed eggs from the list of foods that Will is allergic to!!

Our most recent visit to the allergist was another long one – nearly three hours – but also another successful one. Will was given an egg challenge, which means that, while in the presence of the allergy clinic nurses and doctors, he gobbled up a plateful of scrambled eggs and then we waited to see what happened. (Note: allergy challenges are only administered after the results of multiple rounds of allergy testing – both skin and blood – indicate that the patient is no longer allergic to the allergen. DO NOT try this at home!) Will passed the challenge with flying colors, and to celebrate, we went home and ate more scrambled eggs.

Will also underwent additional testing with regard to his peanut allergy, due to a discrepancy in the test results collected at his last appointment (the skin test results and the blood test results were contradictory). This round of tests revealed a negative (not allergic) result to commercial peanut but a VERY positive (allergic) result to peanut butter. This unusual result will mean more tests down the road, but for the time being, Will is still allergic to peanuts.

We’re giving Will’s little body a break from allergy testing for the next three months, and during that time we’ll also be evaluating how well a new nasal spray prescription helps his seasonal allergies. Watch for another update in late June, and in the meantime, bring on the omelets!

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