Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt

Valentine’s Day went on for more than a week at our house this year. We kicked off the festivities by baking and decorating Valentine’s Day cookies with Grandma, and then a few days prior to the actual holiday Will celebrated at school with a Valentine’s Day party. (That party “kept on giving” for a quite a few days, thanks to the crazy amount of candy Will acquired.) The weekend before Valentine’s Day Will, Hallie and I baked and decorated Valentine’s Day cupcakes, and then on the 14th I presented the kids with their gift via my annual Valentine’s Day treasure hunt. In years past, neither Will nor Hallie has really understood what was going on, and Tom’s help was needed for them to successfully transition from one clue to the next. This year, however, Will didn’t need any help at all, and was off to the races the minute I handed him the first clue. (This was great, because Tom was at work and didn't get to celebrate Valentine's Day with us this year.) Below are a few highlights from the treasure hunt!

From the back deck... the fireplace.

From the mailbox...

(Hallie tried to keep up with Will, but he left her in his dust.) my closet, where their gifts were hidden. And yes, Hallie is sporting her red cowboy boots once again. She loves them and wears them ALL the time.

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Kristin said...

what a super cute idea - you are so creative!!