Friday, July 23, 2010

Hallie's bath pictures: 15 months

Wow, I'm sorry but these bath pictures are really awful. I have an excuse: we were at the Lodge last week when Hallie turned 15 months. The first night we bathed her in the sink to get these pics, and it was a very traumatic experience for her (in case you can't tell). So these are the best we could do, then we showered her or just rocked it grubby for the rest of the week.

Here's what's going on here: since last month, we have finally gotten rid of that safety bath seat, because she was constantly climbing out of it anyway. Around this time Erin was taking the kids to the pool by our house a lot because it has been hot as H and also so that Will could get comfortable with playing in the water so we could maximize our fun in the lake when we went to the Lodge. Hallie suddenly developed a terror for water - crying hysterically and trying to climb out of the tub whenever we give her a bath. Poor baby. We're still working on her though - if we eased her in very carefully, she would sit with piggies, even up to her tummy, in the lake. And we're making progress with the bath, but for now, these are the pictures you're gonna get.

We had a really great time at the Lodge, like we always do. We did in fact swim in the lake a lot with the kids, also fished a lot, were repeatedly visited by a small black bear that Will named "Black Smokey", and Hallie took her first boat ride (pics coming). In some ways, it was the best trip yet because Hallie could really play, and play with her brother, rather than just act like a potato to be passed between family members.

Here's something fun we discovered on this trip: Hallie can say "Will"! It kind of sounds like "Oh-wee-oh", but she reliably makes the same sound when she's playing with, or trying to get the attention of Will. They giggle and chase each other around and dance, occasionally yelling each other's names. It's so much fun. They also swordfight a lot, and Hallie's surprisingly good at handling a sword considering she's so little. She's also surprisingly tolerant of getting whacked by an overzealous sword-wielding brother.

I feel like I write this every month, but Hallie is now at my favorite age ever. Now that she walks around everywhere, she's much more of a little person instead of a baby. She loves playing games, some of which she invents herself. She is also getting better and better at communicating. Her nonverbal communications are more reliable with hand signals such as pointing (at the teddy grahams, which is the only thing she wants to eat these days) and waving. She also uses words much more often, maybe they're more effective at telling us when she doesn't want to do something. We're still working on a few key words with her - despite mastering "dada" and "oh-wee-oh", she still doesn't reliably say "mama". Unless she's crying.


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