Monday, October 12, 2009

Hallie's bath pictures: 6 months

It's that time again. Here's 6-month-old Hallie in her new bath chair. She has the sweetest smile - I don't quite recall how smiley Will was at this age, but compared to him, Hallie is much more photogenic. Where we will take 20 bath pictures of Will for everyone one that's any good, almost every picture of Hallie looks like this. Not only is she a very smiley girl, but she laughs a lot now too.

She's getting better at eating, though she's not as good as Will was at 6 months. I like to think that it's just because she's so smart. For example, she has resisted allowing bites of rice cereal into her mouth since we first started feeding it to her in the last month, spitting out each bite until I figured out a trick where I would put a bite of food in her mouth and immediately insert a sucker to get her to swallow it. She caught onto this pretty quickly and has since adopted several techniques to avoid the spoon from entering her mouth in the first place. She makes raspberry (spitting) sounds continuously when she sees a spoonful, and continues even after we are able to force in a bite, which makes quite a mess. She also puts both hands (and sometimes her feet) in her mouth to prevent any cereal from getting in there. Through all this conflict she keeps smiling at you though, it's hard to be frustrated.

She's also getting wigglier, and has started to move a bit on her own. She can sit up in her bath seat all by herself, but it requires holding on like in the pics above. Sometimes she bounces around a bit in excitement when you dump water on her. She'll lounge like that for a bit...

Until she realizes she's stuck, then she lets you hear about it...

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