Saturday, August 23, 2008

Will & Connor at the Splash Pad

Erin here, filling in for Tom while he's off on a disc golfing extravaganza vacation in Wisconsin. My blogging skills are not the best (it'll be a miracle if I can remember how to put pictures in this post, and I'm pretty sure I don't know how to line the pictures up correctly), so bear with me as I give it a go!

When we were on vacation a few weeks ago Grandma Brenda, Will and I met my friend Katy, her son Connor, and Connor's Grandma Mary Jo at a brand new splash pad in Madison. It was Will's first time at a splash pad and he loved having the freedom to run around in and out of the water streams.

The sprays of water would occasionally turn on and off without warning, and to see how they would react, Katy and I put Connor and Will near one of the turned off nozzles.


Water surprise!


Oh wait, Connor can't run yet...

After the surprise spraying, we took a little snack break. I encouraged Will to share his animal crackers with Connor (we're working on sharing), so Will offered Connor a cracker. When Connor didn't reach out and take the cookie fast enough (at least according to Will's standards) Will just put the cracker directly into Connor's mouth. This continued for quite a while, and we had a good laugh over how Will kept the crackers coming and Connor just sat there with his mouth open waiting for Will to feed him.

And finally, a picture of the moms and the boys, and a picture of Will and his mom and grandma.

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