Sunday, August 17, 2008

Will's new potty chair

According to the books and potty training experts (Aunt Sara), Will is approaching the age of potty training. We've been slowly easing into the training by taking steps to help him recognize when he has to go to the bathroom, like asking him if he pooped his pants whenever we're sure that he has. A few weeks ago, we got him his own potty so he can practice sitting on it and reading Sports Illustrated.

imitating dad's toilet mannerisms

So he sits on it all the time now, and we encourage him to. He makes sure to sit on it before and after each bath, and gets mad when we pick him up before he's done having his sit. We've also been working on a technique called the "tuck" - following advice from Aunt Sara based on her experiences cleaning up after potty-training toddlers. Will has gotten good at the tuck, so when he starts using the potty instead of just sitting on it, this will hopefully result in a higher ratio of pee in the potty and less everywhere else.

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