Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the exclusive Will and Grandpa club

Will got to see both Grandpas over the last week, and he really likes his Grandpas. For whatever reason, probably because they're fun, Will wanted to do nothing if it wasn't with a Grandpa. Soon after we got to the resort for Anne and Sean's wedding, Will was insisting that Grandpa Paul play with all of his buses and choo-choos with him.

When we were practicing the music for the wedding at the wedding-tent, Will tagged along to listen. Paul played for one of the songs, then he and Will explored the area together while Erin, Sara, and I practiced the other songs. For a couple hours Will wanted to hang out only with his Grandpa - we heard lots of enthusiastic yells of "Bwa-Bwa", or "Vwa-Vwa", or "Rah-Rah" - the various pronunciations he tried for "grandpa". The funny thing was he didn't want anyone else to join them, just wanted Grandpa all to himself. He would actually get mad if anyone else approached the two of them, so we had to take pictures from a distance.

These are some pics that are pretty representative of what he did if anyone other than Grandpa tried to hold him or get a picture taken with him. In the shot on the right, he's about to slap the camera away. This is what he would do to me and others if we got too close to the Will-Grandpa space - run up and push us away, with accompanying whining. As in, "go away, I'm playing with my Rah-rah over here." I'm not bitter or anything - it was kind of cute. And he really had a great time playing with his Rah-rahs. He eventually let other people play with him/them, but there were several periods of time where he decided everyone else except Grandpa had to go away.

The only family picture arrangement that was acceptable to Will

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