Thursday, August 28, 2008

Madison trip wrap-up

Hey everyone. Let me be the first to say I thought Erin did an excellent job as guest blogger while I was gone on my trip. But I'm back and there are a ton of pictures to catch up on. And Will is doing more and more blogworthy things each day so let's get going with these!

Here just-my-diaper-Willie and Grandpa are playing with Grandpa's toy car (btw - Will can say car now, sounds like "gahhrrr"). It's a remote control Humvee and Will had a great time driving it and crashing it into Grandpa and I.

Will went to visit Casey, the stylist who cuts Grandma's and Aunt Sara's and Erin's hair. He got a totally stylish 'do, does it look familiar?

Of course, Mom's post already detailed the fun Will had with his new friend Connor.

We went to the zoo! I had to work a lot during our trip, but I escaped for this trip. We rode the carousel, and Will picked out his "horse" (it was a rhino) and mine. In the picture on the left, he is telling me where I need to go.

There was also a CHOO-CHOO at the zoo!!! We rode it, it was pretty great.

Finally, one morning Will got to drive the boat with Grandpa (when Gramps wasn't skiing).
A very fun trip, next time I hopefully won't have to work the whole time!

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