Sunday, July 27, 2008

July picture potpourri

Hey everyone, we just got back this evening from a blogless vacation - we left on Thursday the 17th for Anne and Sean's wedding (it was great), then spent a week at the Lodge in Wisconsin. LOTS of pictures to post over the next few weeks from those trips, so I thought I'd catch up with some pictures from earlier this month.

First we have Will and Erin playing airplane - since Will knows about airplanes now it's fun to pretend to be one and fly around.

Below Will is wearing the outfit Erin got him for the 4th of July and playing outside like an all-American boy - patriotic little guy. On the right he's working on his sneer.

Here we have Will hiding in the bushes during a round of disc golf with mom and dad. He always likes to go disc golfing, and will walk and hold/throw his discs for much of it. But inevitably he gets bored with being obedient and starts running off, cackling as we chase and scold him. Here he tried to hide from us after being chased around a bush.

These next pictures are very special and I wish I had enough of them to warrant a full blog post. Will was getting undressed for his bath, but as his shirt got stuck when I tried to take it off, he thought it was very funny to remain in this stage of undress, and posed to make his mom laugh. He's actually flexing his muscles, pro-wrestling style. I am trying to get pictures of more muscle poses.

Save this one for his wedding slide show...

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