Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lodge trip, summer 08: relaxin' with rah-rah

This is the second summer my parents have owned a cabin up in the North Woods of Wisconsin, and since we had so much fun there all together last summer (here's a quick link guide to our trip there last summer: arriving, grandpa, waving, clothesline, swimming, bye-bye, back), we made plans early this year for my side of the family to meet up there again for a week.
We drove straight to the Lodge from Anne & Sean's wedding in Galena, IL. We weren't there 15 minutes before Will had latched on to his Grandpa (his other "Rah-rah"), and they were pretty much inseparable for the week we were there.

Here they're sharing a snack together. Also putting their piggies in the water - Will wasn't really liking walking in the lake because the sand weirded him out for some reason. But dippin' piggies is pretty fun. Also note the blue crocs (the plastic shoe things) he has on - they're the same as Grandpa's, which made them something Will very much wanted to wear.

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