Friday, August 19, 2011

Your Love is Lifting Me Hyer, Part 4

The Wedding!

Prior to the wedding, the Mueller/Ferris/Ekena clan gathered for a photo. Or 174 photos. This is the best we could do.

Sara and I dressed the girls in matching dresses, but this is the best picture we could get of them together that evening. Lily was EXHAUSTED, and Hallie wanted to go play with their babysitter.

Hallie's butt was far too little for the diaper cover that went with her dress (size 24 months - Hallie is 28 months old).

So after Lily went to bed, we took the diaper cover that went with her dress (size 6-9 months) and exchanged it for the diaper cover Hallie was wearing. The little diaper cover fit Hallie perfectly.

Ben and Laura's wedding was held in the Skamania Lodge Ampitheater, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, at sunset. Just as the sun began to slip behind the the Lodge, Laura walked down the aisle with her father. She looked relaxed and happy and gorgeous, and Ben looked relaxed and happy once he saw her.

After a beautiful ceremony, we strolled just 100 yards to the reception, which was held in a clearing in the woods on the Skamania Lodge grounds. If I wasn't already married, I'd be planning my wedding and reception to take place in this exact location - it was perfectly picturesque, like something out of a movie.

The path to the reception after dark.

Part of the group.

First dance.

Though the kids didn't attend the wedding, we picked up Will and Hallie after the ceremony so they could join everyone for dinner at the reception.

Pre-dinner dance party (with kids).

Timeout. (As Tom took Hallie away from the table for her timeout she waved to the entire group and yelled, "Bye guys! I go to timeout!" When she returned she yelled, "Hi guys! I back!")

There was wonderful company, delicious food, amazing drinks, glow necklaces/bracelets, and a rockin' post-kids dance party.

Betony and Lucas.

Kyle and Alexis.

Sara and Jeff.

Within the Camping Family Tom is known for his dance moves.

Cute, and kind of weird.

Congratulations Bed and Laura, and thanks for including all of us in your celebration!

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