Monday, August 1, 2011

Dress Up

One of Will’s best buddies is a little boy named Logan. They were in the same preschool class last year and became fast friends over their shared love of all things Mario. Logan’s mom, Stacey, and I became friends, and now Tom is getting to know Logan’s dad, Aaron, as well.

Logan doesn’t have a little sister to play with Hallie; instead, he has something better…a big sister. Seven-year-old Kendra adores Hallie, and Hallie idolizes Kendra – it’s a match made in heaven.

Last weekend we spent a few hours Kendra and Logan’s house for their family’s housewarming party. Kendra and Hallie disappeared into Kendra’s room as soon as we arrived, and we didn’t see either of them again for at least 45 minutes.

The first time Hallie came out she looked like this:

Tutu, gold crown with hair jewels, and gold purse.

The second time Hallie came out she looked like this:

Lipstick added.

The third time Hallie came out she looked like this:

Second purse and neck/shoulder piece added.

And the fourth time she came out she looked like this:

Quick change to Kendra's t-shirt, but hanging on to the gold purse.

Hallie loved every minute she spent with Kendra, and I loved watching Hallie experience – if even just for a few hours – what it would be like to have a big sister. Hallie has a very special relationship with her big brother, but there’s a part of me that wishes she could have either a big sister or little sister, like I did. I don’t, however, wish this enough to have a third child, so Will and Hallie are on their own to compromise and combine little girl activities with little boy activities. Luckily they both enjoy having tea parties while dressed in their superhero costumes.

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staceylmstar said...

That was great!! Thank you so much for sharing. Kendra really enjoyed seeing all the pictures.