Friday, August 26, 2011

Hallie's First Haircut

With the exception of a trim of three “rooster tail” hairs at four months old, Hallie has never had a haircut. She has very fine hair that has, since she was born, been growing out in crops. As one crop reaches about an inch and a half, the next crop shoots out of her head both around her forehead and at the top of her neck. Though I hated the idea of cutting off even a millimeter of Hallie’s gorgeous curls…

No curling iron needed - those ringlets are all natural.

…I decided it was finally time to start evening up her crops of hair with little trims.

Here's Hallie before:

And here's Hallie after. She doesn't look any different, but there are considerably fewer snarls at the ends of her curls.

Another “first” we can file in the College Station folder!

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