Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bedtime Bear

When we were growing up, Sara and I were huge fans of the Care Bears. We had all of their records ("what's a record, mama?", asked Will) and the accompanying story books, the pages of which we turned when the chimes rang. Each of the Care Bears had their own song, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Sara and I knew every single word to every single song. Still do, actually, and we often sing Care Bear songs to Will, Hallie, and Lily.

Bedtime Bear's song was, obviously, about bedtime, and our parents used to sing it to us as they left our room at night. Here are the lyrics:

Bedtime's here, there's the moon,
You'll be sleeping very soon.
Close your eyes, and hug me tight,
Bedtime bear is with you tonight.

And here are Hallie's lyrics, which I heard for the first time this morning:

Bedtime's here, dare's da moon,
You'll be seeping very soon.
Cwose your eyes, and hug me tight,
Bedtime bear seeps wit shoes at night.

In Hallie's version of the song, Bedtime Bear gets to sleep with shoes on. It's Hallie's dream come true.

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Sara Ekena said...

this just makes me smile! its her own little twist, just like sometimes I sing bedtime "sar" instead of bedtime bear.