Monday, June 30, 2008

Will's new laptop

When we were in Lincoln a few weeks ago, Will's friend Marie wanted to visit him but unfortunately couldn't because she was recovering from a recent surgery. When we were home for a visit during spring break of last year, Marie was very sweet to Will and got him a toy that was one of his favorites for awhile - a singing frog. Well, now he's pretty much all grown up and into grownup toys, like the Wii or mom and dad's computers. So Marie sent her love, and enlisted Aunt Jenna's help to buy Will a new toy from her, with the condition that we had to take pictures of him playing with it.

So a natural choice was to get Will his own laptop!

He loves it. It has all kinds of letter and number games (that he actually can kind of do, as he gets better and better at identifying letters) and makes lots of obnoxious noise.

He got so excited playing with it that he slobbered all over his shirt...more than the usual amount of shirt-slobber anyway.

Also a fun thing is that the laptop can be folded up and carried around with a handle - so Will can do "work" on his laptop in several different locations during one round of playing with it. Like he sometimes does with his sippy-cups that fold up, he can close up the laptop, then he'll look around at his audience to see how impressed they are that he had made it disappear (usually making this gesture, as in "where did it go?"). Then after building up some dramatic energy, he makes it reappear by opening it back up.

"uh oh, where did it go?"



Kristin said...

ok, that last picture is CLASSIC tom. like father like son fo' sho!!!

btw - is will ambidextrous? i noticed he was using the mouse with each hand. very cool toy!

William Thomas Ferris said...

yeah, he also throws his food on the floor with both hands.