Friday, July 4, 2008

Unky Grant plays the guitar

Happy 4th of July everyone. I'm sitting at home with a sick Willie - he's ok, but quite pukey (as evidenced by our full washing machine of Will's clothes and bedding, and mom & dad's puked-on clothes). A real bummer because we were going to march with the Red Cross in a parade today. There will be firetrucks in the parade too, Will would have loved it.

But at least we can watch TV while we sit in bed here. Will started getting sick Wednesday evening, had a major puke all over dad after his bath and with fresh clean jammies on. Then, God's cruel joke, the power went off (there was a pretty good rainstorm) exactly when I was trying to get Will to the bathroom, without...dripping too much. Because it was dark outside and the lights went out, we couldn't really adequately clean up, and I have to give Erin credit for being uncharacteristically tolerant of there being vomit in various spots of our bathroom until it was light enough to clean up in the morning. Then the power was out for about 24 hours. You don't think about how nice it is to be able to turn on mindless TV until you're sitting in the dark trying to read books to a sick boy all day.

So enough of that rant, and sorry Grant for having that as a header for this post.
So, finishing up the pictures/stories from our trip to Lincoln a couple weekends ago. My brother Grant just finished his second year as a classical guitar major at the University of Denver. And he is really good. So on the Sunday of our trip, just before we had to leave to go back home, Grant played a guitar recital.

This was a bigger deal than I was expecting - there were probably 50 people at the recital. There was much preparing - the girls cooked up a bunch of great food while the boys moved/set up furniture and vacuumed.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Grant while he was playing (maybe if anyone else has them, they could let me know and I could link them?), but I abandoned the camera in order to concentrate to see if he made any mistakes so I could make fun of him about it later. Anyway, I was very impressed, and apparently everyone else was as well. Grant recently got a new custom-built guitar (one which Will cannot touch!), and he played it to its potential.

After Grant played his four pieces, plus an encore ("Freeeeee Bird!!"), we ate and socialized a bit and then, too quickly, it was time to go to the airport. Since we were kind of dressed-up, we took a few family pictures, for as long as Will would cooperate.

Will had an especially good time hanging out with Grandpa on this trip, and they even dressed alike so they took a few pictures together first. The best way to get Will to cooperate was to get him to do a "pockets" pose.

By the time we got the rest of the family in there, Will was done being cooperative. He did NOT want to be picked up, wanted to stand by himself in the back. Hence the picture below.

isn't this a great picture!!

The picture below is also pretty nice, and even though Will isn't looking at the camera, it was one of the better ones for him in this short photo-shoot. After this shot, he basically screamed and ran off, and would not come back for more pictures. These two are pretty good though.

After the photo shoot it was time to get ready to go. So Will gave his hugs, but shared something special with Uncle Adam: a fist-pound. Awesome.

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