Wednesday, June 11, 2008

call me!

Hi everyone, sorry for the short post but I just wanted to get back on track here - I got back from a fishing trip with Grandpa Mike late last night (we were at the Lodge, didn't have time or internet connection to keep up with the posts).

Anyway, I wanted to share one more of Will's "firsts". He has always been interested in our cell phones, and even will pretend to talk on them sometimes, but whenever we would call anyone and try to get Will to say something...ANYTHING...on the phone, he never would. He would just smile at the thing making noises. Occasionally, if the person on the other end of the phone would ask a question, he might nod his head, and he would wave bye-bye at the phone, but we could never get him to speak.

I called Erin a lot between all the fish we were catching and I had her put her phone in speaker mode so I could talk to Will. A couple days in to my trip, the lightswitch turned on for him and I think he figured out we were talking over the phone. So he started answering all my questions - it was great.

"are you being a good boy?"
"is your mommy letting you play Wii?"
"Yaaah!" (he was lying, she doesn't know how to turn it on)
"will you give your mommy a hug and kiss for me?"
"Yah!" (and he did)

He talked to Grandpa over the phone too, so I think he finally gets it. So if any of you want to call and have a conversation with Will, now's the time to do it. If he's a little quiet to start, ask him what noises cows, doggies, kitties, or lions make.

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