Friday, May 6, 2011

She's Back!

Grandma Brenda visited us again for a few days back in April. (Grandpa Paul was in China this time – one of these days he’ll finally make it down here.)

In the mornings while Will was in school, Grandma, Hallie, and I worked out at the gym, shopped, went out for lunch, and painted our toenails.

In the afternoons we played outside – mostly basketball, but we also took a couple of walks to the park.

In the evenings Will helped Grandma work out the kinks in her back.

Our big outing was to the A&M athletic museum, football field, and bookstore. A&M allows visitors to tour the stadium unaccompanied (unlike most universities these days), asking only that they don’t walk on the field.

Here’s Will running out of the tunnel, just like a real Aggie football player.

And showing me his best Heisman Trophy pose.

Grandma and the kids pretended to watch a game from the stands.


After the stadium we stopped in the bookstore to buy a REAL A&M basketball for Will to take to Tom’s department’s spring picnic that evening. While Grandma, Will, and I were searching for a basketball (they were tough to come by, as Aggie fans had gone crazy for basketballs a few days earlier when the A&M women’s basketball team won the National Championship), we lost track of Hallie. After panicking for a minute or so I found her here:

We were extremely lucky that Grandma was in town that day… As you may know, that evening at the department picnic Tom fell playing basketball and broke his collarbone. Grandma helped me shuttle our cars home, and took care of the kids that afternoon and evening so that I could stay with Tom and urgent care and make multiple trips to the pharmacy.

Come back again soon, Grandma – we promise no broken bones the next time around!

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we need some smoke coming from the tunnels or at least some fire extinguishers going off