Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Just a Little Crush

We went to our second Powersports birthday party, this time for a little girl in Will’s class named Kennedy, back at the end of April. (Kennedy has a little sister, Kandace, who is exactly the same age as Hallie, so Kennedy and Kandace’s mom kindly invited Hallie to attend the party as well.) Will had an absolute blast the first time we visited Powersports, and this time was even better.

I loved watching Hallie step timidly onto the trampoline, slowly start to bounce, and then eventually go crazy jumping up and down.

Sorry about the blurriness - I didn't have time to adjust my camera before she moved on to the next activity. I like this picture though, because you can tell she's smiling.

Hallie followed her big brother around trying to do whatever he did, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

Will didn’t pay much attention to Hallie though, because – and someday Will is going to hate me for sharing this here – he has a little crush on Kennedy.

That's Will on the right, and of course Kennedy is the pretty little girl in between the three boys.

Will talks about Kennedy all the time, to the point that now Hallie also talks about Kennedy all the time because she thinks that’s what we’re supposed to do. He waits for or runs to catch up with her so they can walk in and out of their preschool classroom together. We’ve been going to the same church as Kennedy’s family, so Will and Kennedy wait for each other and then hold hands on the way into Sunday School as well. (We’ll be out of town for the next two Sundays, so yesterday Will told Kennedy he regretfully wouldn’t be able to eat Sunday School snack with her again until June.)

Kennedy seems to like Will as well. Her mother shared with me that every morning while she makes Kennedy’s lunch, Kennedy checks in to find out which of her lunchbox items Will could eat (all of the kids in Will’s class know about his allergies) in case they want to sit next to each other and share treats at lunchtime.

Kennedy is from Texas, and I believe her parents are as well, so they all have Texas accents. With a Texas accent, “Kennedy” is pronounced “Kinnidy”. I of course don’t have a Texas accent, so I pronounce Kennedy’s name differently than she and her mother do. One day, while Will and I were having a discussion about Kennedy’s upcoming birthday party, Will stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Mom, you’re just not saying her name right! It’s Kinnidy!” So though Will has a decidedly Midwestern accent, he speaks just the name of his girl Kennedy like a true Texan.

Both Will and Hallie enjoy Rascal Flatts’ music, so we rotate though quite a few of their CDs while driving in the car. One of Will’s favorite songs is Oklahoma-Texas Line, the chorus of which includes the line, “She has long blond hair, and big blue eyes. I’ve got all I ever need when that girl is by my side.” After a few listens through the song, Will suddenly shouted from the back seat, “LIKE KINNIDY! Kinnidy has long blond hair and big blue eyes!” Oklahoma-Texas Line is now affectionately known as Kinnidy’s Song in our car.

Will’s first crush: perhaps a silly topic for a post, but one worth spending a little time on in my opinion. In the years to come I want to remember how full my heart felt when I watched Will find so much joy in another little person.

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