Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We're going out of town tomorrow morning (we're headed to Orlando for a conference of Tom's and to visit AJ, Grandpa Mike, and Grandma Susie) so I wanted to get in one more post before taking a brief leave from blogging. See you next Tuesday!

Could we have a genius on our hands?

Experiment #1
Erin: “Hallie, can you count to ten?”
Hallie: “YES! One, two, sree, four, fise, sis, senen, eight, nine, sen!”
Erin: “Very good! Let’s try something else. Hallie, what’s one plus one?”
Hallie: “Purple!”
Erin: “And what’s two plus two?”
Hallie: “Banana!”

Result #1: It’s safe to say Hallie is NOT a mathematical genius. At least not yet.

Experiment #2
Tom: “Hallie, what color is your dress?”
Hallie: “Football!”
Tom: “Hallie, we JUST talked about this. Tell Mama what color your dress is.”
Hallie: “Piddy!” (Pretty)

Result #2: So, Hallie’s not a genius with regard to her colors either.

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Kristin said...

that first example made me laugh out loud. hilarious.