Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicken Legs

The temperatures here in Texas vary dramatically. It’s not uncommon for us to see a high of 70 degrees one day and a high of 40 degrees the next. It’s also not uncommon for us to see 40-degree temperature swings throughout a 12-hour period of time. The weather confuses me, and I feel like I spend at least 45 minutes every day trying to figure out what everyone in our family should wear to be comfortable.

A couple of weekends ago the weather was beautiful – nothing like what January weather is supposed to look/feel like. I pulled out shorts and a short-sleeved shirt for Hallie, thinking that what she wore last summer would probably still fit her, what with her refusal to grow and all. I was wrong, but once she was dressed, Tom and I thought she looked too cute to change her clothes. This outfit has since been packed away for baby Lily, but before it was retired we had to take pictures so that we can one day remember her adorable chicken legs.

This was the fastest playground slide I've ever seen. Hallie nearly flew up over the side, and she definitely shot off the bottom. Note how Hallie's hair is blowing backwards as she comes down - it was NOT a windy day.

And just because, another shot of Tom and Will peeing in the bushes at a public park. Hallie and I can't take those two anywhere.

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