Friday, February 25, 2011

Hallie's 22-Month Bath Pictures

While 22-month-old Hallie is still teeny tiny in stature (I finally packed away the last of her 6-12 month size dresses this week), her personality and need for independence grow noticeably every day. Hallie is incredibly friendly and polite – she says “please”, “thank you”, “hello”, “good-bye”, "sorry", and “excuse me” at appropriate times and to whoever will listen – but can pitch fits to rival any two-year-old’s. She LOVES singing and reading, but only if she’s chosen the song or book. She also loves hair bows, shoes, and dresses, but only if (I’ve convinced her that) she’s picked them out. She talks a mile a minute, narrating everything about her life with a smile on her face, but expects all of us to immediately respond to her spoken demands. She follows Will around like a puppy, until he tries to tell her what to do, that is – then they battle it out like the siblings they are. At 22 months, Hallie is a peach, and most days I could just eat her up.

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