Monday, February 7, 2011

Hallie's 21-Month-Old Bath Pictures

Hallie is nearly 22 months old, so it’s about time I post her 21-month-old bath pictures…

A week before Hallie “turned” 21-months-old, Will started preschool here. With Will gone three mornings a week, and for the first time since my maternity leave, I’ve had time at home during the day with only Hallie. It’s been enlightening – Hallie, as it turns out, is a completely different child on her own than she is when she’s around her big brother. As a little sister, Hallie is obedient, cooperative, and playful; as an only child, Hallie is WILD. I'm fairly certain she’s testing her boundaries, trying to figure out how far she can go without the watchful eyes of her brother tracking her every move (Will prides himself on protecting Hallie, but also sees it as his duty to “keep her in line”). Thankfully my watchful eyes are still pretty good, and I’ve been able to slow her down.

Hallie is as chatty as she’s been since she was nine-months-old, and what we can understand of this chattiness is increasing every day. Her words are clear enough and her grasp of the English language is such that much of the time she can carry on simple conversations.

Hallie loves whatever Will loves, so on any given day she’s drawn to Mario, Buzz Lightyear, or Ironman. On her own, Hallie loves babies, animals, books, singing, sunglasses, the Cat in the Hat, Elmo, raisins, cookies, and her pacifier. She still refuses to eat about 50% of the time, but sleeps like a champ. I see less and less baby and more and more toddler in her every day, and sometimes that makes me sad…



Pretty. Almost angelic, if I may say so myself.

Stay tuned for Hallie’s 22-month-old bath pictures in less than a week!

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