Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fort Lunch

While I wait for Tom to upload my pictures from the last three weeks to Picasa (my computer doesn't have the software, so I'm at his mercy when it comes to this step in the blogging process), I thought I'd post a couple of posts on rather random topics for which I already have uploaded photo documentation. Hopefully by Thursday I'll be back to "catching up" - next up are Grandma Brenda's visit, Hallie's 22-month-old bath pictures, and our recent vacation to Orlando!

I'm all about coming up with clever ways to encourage Hallie to eat well-rounded meals, so a few weeks ago I tried feeding the kids lunch in a fort in Will's room. Will and Hallie thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but Hallie ate her typical one-cracker-and-one-bite-of-apple lunch just like she would have if she'd been sitting at the kitchen table.

Say and/or eat cheese!

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